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Fur me up, it’s fall!

Adios flip-flops! Fall is here and I’m ready to get cozy! 

Think fur. Not the kind where you have to spare animals but high quality faux fur! I’ve discovered Covfurs. Super cute over  my tall boots or Uggs. They give my wardrobe versatility not mention added warmth. I’ll be sporting the “Black Beaver” but I may need the “Off-White Mink” (SO Marilyn). At 39.99 a pair, why not? 

Other designs include Brown Chinchilla, Natural Leopard, Coyote, Zebra, and more!

Don’t let your boots walk naked, dress them up!

Repair and Wear…

We’ve all heard of “Ready to Wear” clothing? Well how about “Ready to Wear Hair”?

With Aveda’s new “Damage Remedy”, the busy glamour girl can apply her conditioning hair treatment post-shower and walk out the door!

The Plant derived proteins will have penetrated your hair by the time you’ve finished off your first Latte’ at Starbucks. The treatment repairs, strengthens, detangles and protects your locks so you won’t have to think twice when you flat Iron or curl.

Looking fabulous & spending little time= the modern woman’s creed.

Toting Around…

It’s summer and that means a change of handbag.  It’s an important decision because my bag must accommodate my new seasonal needs: sunscreen, bronzer, bigger sunglasses and maybe even a trashy novel or two for poolside reading.

Fortunately, for my second season in a row, I have chosen a Brahmin Bag. Incredibly chic and multi-faceted, these leather beauties are durable and have ample room for the various things I fancy.

I picked the “Anywhere Convertible Bag” , The Brahmin collection is huge so be warned, you may have trouble deciding. But whichever you choose, you will make a fashion statement this summer.

And it’s never too soon to start thinking of your fall bag….a Fashionista always thinks forward. Don’t want to get left behind glamour girl!

A pretty pair of thongs…

…Just makes a girl’s summer! But imagine a pair that massages your feet as you walk, is waterproof and 100 % recyclable. OK?  OKAb that is. This cute brand not only does thongs, but ballet shoes as well, both incorporating the therapeutic principles of reflexology. The shoes feature an ergonomic footbead enhanced with massage beads. No more summer blisters and calluses. Just pure comfort as you walk down the beach or skip-out for some ice cream with your hot summer date.

Did I mention all the adorable styles? I’m wearing the pink-jeweled “Harper”. But if you’re not a bling girl, you can choose flowers, starfish, bows, or a solid color.

They make them for men as well. And Bridal designs for that beach wedding you’ve always dreamed about! A good excuse to get married? Just might be.

your best bud…

My ipod playlist is a compilation of all I am and who I want to be. I take it with me in the car, on the airplane, exercising and home. With that much use, It’s become a part of my wardrobe..a fashion accessory. I recently discovered chicBuds. Super cool stylin’ earbuds that enhance my looks and music.

Being the artist I am, I chose the ARTS inner earbuds (in PINK , of course!) but there are many to choose from. Unlike regular earphone cords that wrap together to form a tangled mess, chicBuds Arts earbuds feature no-mess flat cords. They simply slide apart when they touch for an always neat, and never frustrating, listening experience.  I am lovin’ that. So will you!

My best bud is calling…Nicki, J-Lo, Avril…all my BF’s. Time to plug-in.


…That’s how I felt after attending the GRAND opening at BYUTI Salon in Brentwood.

Located on San Vicente, the Fifth Ave of Brentwood, the ultra modern salon joins it’s sister salon in Santa Monica in creating beautiful heads of hair for we westsiders.

My stylist Angela, gave me a fabulous conditioning treatment followed by the sleekest blow dry I’ve ever (yes ever) had! The Pureology products are divine.

The space has a New York Vibe.  Simple, Urban and practical for fashionistas that mean business.

They sent me home with their own brand of hair vitamins (which I have committed to religiously). BYUTI is just what the doctor ordered.

(FYI. The salon is offering FREE blowdrys for introductory visits this month.  Now I’d lose some serious Byuti sleep if I didn’t grab that deal!)

A girl can’t get enough of…

…Conditioner! We force our hair to do unmentionable acts: flatten stick straight, twirl and curl, and color and hi-light at our whim! Let’s give some love back to our tresses! 

Salon Grafix offers a single step “Conditioning Cleanser” that saves time and money. It made my hair shiny, lustrous, and thick. Could I ask for anything more?

Well if I did, I would find my wish answered in Salon Grafix’s “Intensive Hair Repair Masque Citrus Creme”. This product can be used daily or saved for a Sunday night at home when you want a deep condition, have time to let it penetrate, and watch the latest episode of “The Good Wife”. Call it “me” time or simply a part of a healthy regime for your hair. Either way, you’re being conditioned for a better life!

Hair Hedonist?

Well then here’s are a few new products you don’t want to miss! Philip Kingsley has created a “Smoothing Cream” that will ambush those fly-away hairs while smoothing, protecting and adding shine to your locks. Just a few drops will tame your frizz while adding UV protection to extend the life of your color treated hair.

And if you don’t need any taming and want to set your hair free, try Philip Kingsley’s “Curl Activator”. The light nonsticky formula provides a curl retention so powerful that your inner Shirley Temple will be dancing with delight. 

Another effective product to come to your defense is  the new Ouidad Climate Control Frizz and Flyaway Fighter”. This lightweight product will keep your hair in check and can be used as a prestyler or as a finishing touch.

With all these magical products there’s no reason to let your hair get the best of you! Fight back and get the best of IT!

Lather up Girls..

Kat Burki has done it again with her springtime organic soap collection. These beautifully packaged fragrant soaps will awaken your senses with a romantic nostalgia. Choose from many scents including White Tea, Avocado and Cucumber, Freesia and Grapefruit, and my favorite, Tuberose.

Just in time for Mother’s Day, these lovely soaps, also featured in Marie Claire Magazine, are so potent that they will double as a room fragrance. 

Perhaps it’s time to invite springtime into your shower. A visitor you won’t want to leave (at least not until he’s scrubbed your back).

Pixi That…

One might argue that Pixies are mythological fairies but I have evidence that proves otherwise. How else could such a magical line of make-up, with the same name (minus the “e”) exist for we mortals to use?

Pixi by Petra has been tiptoeing on this earth for ten years. The original flagship store is in Soho, London. All make-up formulas are infused with botanicals to bring out the natural beauty in women.

Here’s what I like: Most of the Pixi products have a dual function, which means less time to apply and requires less room in my already crowded make-up bag. I strongly recommend the “Lid and Line” eye pencil. It’s an easy way to line, shadow and blend all at once. “Sky Plum” is divine for green eyes. 

Another bit of magic, the Pixi  ”Succulent Lip Twin”. An exquisite duo of lip balm and cheek creme for a burst of fresh color.

I also adore the Pixi “All Over Magic” beauty powder. Five shades are blended together for perfect radiance. Coated pigments reflect light and makes you look like you are glowing from within (well aren’t you?)

Fairy well, enough said. Get those wings on and soar with Pixi.